Go Melt Back Into the Night

I remember you there against the glare

ofmy incarceration. Naked bulb,

atomic bomb. In this elsewhere prayer,

you were gone. It was the beginning skulled

to the branches of trees. Poor Hamlet's numb.

Sings a wild tune then hums I'm a blade

in the rest ofwhite. Where were you, Fo-Fum?

I carried a hound dog, a pound of crumbs.


Out here I manage to sing, what a boat

I am. The unspiritual God decides

in stenotype there's no compromise, dope

to the left of me rehearsing rain chides,

me a hollow cost. Wooden army lost

at sea. Telepathy, antipathy.

What'll it be ma cherie? The star-cross'd

troubadour's a bore. Which way forth? I'm sloshed.

Carbonator Blues in B-Flat

--There anybody here? I'm not that kind

to disturb a bird I pulled a message

from the earth. Alert said the hurting mind

or the Jew in the colon rhymed send love

send love until the fire died. In sooth

she left no mortal coil, no transist-

or summer wreath disabled lonesome root

a harp spun upside right rusted plinged spoof.


dog, Delmore's over here. An icicle

drowning in the dust. I apologize

for the noise inside the skull, miracle

we found him at all. Apollo eyes wide

open. I cry in the elevator

against the mirror. Don't wag your tail, Rip,

you're not the undertaker. O Delmore,

what a fuck in the ass. This evermore.

cynie cory