i just bought a bunch of swords

life is badass. i feel like i could fistfight anyone

and win. i am without limits

i think of you at home tonight

what are you even doing? probably watching house

or some shit, maybe feeding your cat

how much would you love me if i kicked

your door down and started cutting the blood

out of the air with my swords, soaking your carpet,

ruining the air with the blood of the air,

sweating, crying, farting, laughing, and then if i just laid down

in the middle of your floor? i think you would love me a lot

you may not think it now, but if you actually saw it happen

i think you’d change your mind


i’m tired of feeling things

but i feel things all the time

it's like the feelings will not quit

for example,

i think that all horses are bastards

and i want to kill them to death

with bazookas and even more so

with sabers and machine guns

i am so sad when i think about life

which is why i don't think about life

all i think about is death

which is why i am so happy

at all moments that i am alive

my favorite memory that hasn't happened yet

is licking your body open like an untamed flower

and knowing all the secrets of your life

and crying into them

which is an expression of my sadness

or maybe it is an expression of my happiness

or maybe of nothing at all

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