kendra grant malonenerve_bios_5.html

Piss Stained Trousers

when i got on the train

i went to the very first

car because

there is a small window

where you can see

straight forward

and it gives you the

slightest feeling of


and it makes you feel

quite small and


when you watch the

walls of the subway

move past you

and if you unfocus

your eyes

it looks as if

you and the train

are stationary

and the walls are

flying past you

rapidly so

and really i suppose

it is just nice

to have something to look at

other than

the man who just got

on the train with

a beer and a cheap


who just pissed on himself

and cries softly

before he smashes

his empty beer bottle

and the baby not far

from him

and you

begins to wail

all the little sounds

i've been thinking a lot

about babies

he looked

really scared when

i told him that

no i mean,

i don't want one,

i just feel obsessed

with them right now

he still looked scared

when he

took off his t-shirt

and lifted mine,

he shoved it under

making a misshapen


he looked scared still

when he laid his head

on the demented looking


and said to my stomach

mon bébé, ma famille

i laid back

embarrassed and satisfied

and fantasized about

crushing all the bones in

his face

and all the little sounds

they would make

snap snap snap