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Chris Martin is the author of Becoming Weather (Coffee House 2011) and American Music (Copper Canyon 2007).  He is also the author of several chapbooks, most recently How to Write a Mistake-ist Poem (Brave Men 2011) and the forthcoming Hymns (Ugly Duckling 2012).  He is an editor at Futurepoem books where he curates the response blog Futurepost.

Erika Staiti lives in Oakland California. The chapbook In the Stitches was published by Trafficker Press in 2011. More work is forthcoming.

Andrew Durbin‘s work has appeared or is forthcoming in Antennae, >kill author, Spiral Orb, Washington Square, and elsewhere. He co-edits O'clock Press and its journal, CLOCK. He lives in New York.

Anthony Robinson’s work has appeared as a chapbook from Pilot Poetry, Brief Weather and I Guess a Sort of Vision, and in Court Green, Burnside Review, and as #4 of Fewer & Further Press's occasional broadside/mini journal, Asterisk. A former lit and composition instructor and occasional freelance pen-for-hire, he currently lives and doesn't work much in a garage in a tiny town you haven't heard of.  He is survived by his daughter, Ellis Ruth.

Camilo Roldán is a poet and translator living in Brooklyn, NY. He is the author of a chapbook of translations, Amílkar U., Nadaísta in Translation (These Signals Press), and his poems have appeared in Metazen, Leveler, Lungfull! and a forthcoming issue of PANK.

Patrick Lucy lives in Philadelphia where he’s a partner in a small advertising agency. His poems  have appeared or are forthcoming in Gulf Coast, elimae, SKEIN, Wheelhouse, Revista Laboratorio (translations by Carlos Soto-Román), NOÖ Weekly, and more. He is a founding member of the New Philadelphia Poets and keeps a blog & ephemeral press at

Marina Blitshteyn is the author of Russian for Lovers (Argos Books) and lives and works in NYC.

Kristin Kelly is the author of Cargo (Elixir Press 2010). She lives in Northampton, MA, where she owns Ode, a women’s clothing boutique & art space.

Vincent Cellucci is a River Writer. For more info please visit:

Seth Graves was born in Memphis. His work has appeared in Barrow Street; Coldfront; No, Dear; and elsewhere. He teaches writing at Pace University and lives in Brooklyn.

Allyson Paty is from New York. Her poems have appeared or will in publications such as Tin HouseDIAGRAMBoxcar Poetry Review, and InDigest among others. Her collaborations with poet Danniel Schoonebeek can be found on The Awl, HTMLGIANT, and Underwater New York. She is co-founder of Singing Saw Press, a fine arts and poetry publisher dedicated to creating dialogue between text- and image-based artists. Her chapbook, The Further Away is forthcoming from [sic] Detroit.

Liz Dosta is the recipient of the Linda Corrente Poetry Prize and the Stanely Kunitz Fellowship. Her poetry and essays have appeared in Argo's Book's "Little Anthoology," and Thought Catalogue. She is currently working on her MFA in poetry at Columbia University. In her spare time, she draws faces. But many of them. 

Iris Cushing

Elizabeth Clark Wessel’s poems and translations have appeared or are forthcoming in DIAGRAM, A Public Space, Fairy Tale Review, No, Dear, Sixth Finch, Asymptote, Lana Turner Journal, and The Laurel Review, among others. Recently, Dana Levin chose her manuscript Whither Weather for the Midwest Chapbook Series, sponsored by The Laurel Review. She lives in Brooklyn and is an editor at Argos Books & Circumference, a journal of poetry in translation.

Natalie Eilbert received her MFA from Columbia University, where she was awarded the Linda Corrente Poetry Prize. Her work has been published by Colorado Review, The Rumpus, Copper Nickel, DIAGRAM, La Petite Zine, InDigest Magazine, Boxcar Poetry Review, and elsewhere. She lives in New York.

Anna Lei

Mike Lala grew up mostly in the western United States and Tokyo, and studied writing in Michigan. He is the author of the chapbooks [fire!] ([sic] Press 2011) and Under the Westward Night (Knickerbocker Circus Publishing 2011), and his poems and text art have appeared or are forthcoming in DIAGRAM, the Red Cedar Review, Explosion-Proof, Sink Review, and GQ Italy, among others. He curates for Fireside Follies, Recession Art, and CULTUREfix, and lives in Brooklyn.

Ben Nardolilli currently lives in Arlington, Virginia. His work has appeared in Perigee Magazine, Red Fez, One Ghana One Voice, Caper Literary Journal, Quail Bell Magazine, Elimae, fwriction, Grey Sparrow Journal, Pear Noir, Rabbit Catastrophe Review, and Yes Poetry. His chapbook Common Symptoms of an Enduring Chill Explained, has been published by Folded Word Press. He maintains a blog at and is looking to publish his first novel.

Zachary Pace

Sam Lohmann is the author of Stand on this picnic bench and look north (Publication Studio, 2011), editor of Peaches and Bats magazine, and coeditor, with David Abel, of Airfoil chapbooks. He lives in Portland, Oregon, where he organizes readings with the Spare Room collective, works at a preschool, and attends library school.

Cheena Marie Lo lives in Oakland, CA, where she co-curates the Manifest Reading Series.

Beth Brezenoff's poems have appeared in PANK, Literary Mama, and elimae, and she is the author of a number of picture books under the name Beth Bracken. She is a children's book editor in St. Paul, Minnesota, tweets as @editrixx, and can be found online at

Soren Stockman has been fortunate to study with some incredible teachers of poetry, and he is indebted to them.  He has recently been awarded a residency in the Spring of 2012 at the Ucross Foundation in Wyoming.  He has worked with Summer Literary Seminars in Vilnius, Lithuania, and Montreal, Quebec. He lives in New York.

Adam Fitzgerald is the founding editor of Maggy poetry magazine ( ) and Monk Books ( ). His poems, essays and interviews have been published / are forthcoming with Poetry, Boston Review, The Brooklyn Rail, The Agricultural Reader and elsewhere. He teaches poetry at The New School and Rutgers, and lives in the East Village.

Carolyn Williams-Noren's work was selected by E. Ethelbert Miller and Kristin Naca for a 2010 Loft Mentor Award. Her poem, “Mistakes,” received a 2009 Pushcart Prize nomination from Seems. She has poems forthcoming this summer in Slipstream, at Literary Mama, and in the new  magazine of gardening literature, Greenwoman. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband, two daughters, and a cat named Comma.

Joanna C. Valente is a MFA candidate in Poetry Writing at Sarah Lawrence College, where she is also a part-time mermaid. She founded and currently edits Yes, Poetry.

Jeffrey Hecker was born in 1977 in Norfolk, VA.  A graduate of Old Dominion University, his debut book, Rumble Seat, is published by San Francisco Bay Press ( Recent work has appeared in, Cannonball City, The Waterhouse Review, & the Los Angeles-based Zocalo Public Square. Forthcoming work in La Reata Review, The Burning Bush 2, Turtleneck Press, & Mascara Literary Review.  He lives with his wife Robin in Olde Towne Portsmouth, Virginia.

Mark DeCarteret’s work has appeared in the anthologies American Poetry: The Next Generation (Carnegie Mellon Press), Thus Spake the Corpse:  An Exquisite Corpse Reader 1988-1998 (Black Sparrow Press) and Under the Legislature of Stars: 62 New Hampshire Poets (Oyster River Press) which he also co-edited.  From 2009-2011 he was the Poet Laureate of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  You can check out his Postcard Project at

W. M. Lobko’s work has appeared in numerous journals, most recently including Post Road, Hunger Mountain, Kenyon Review Online, & Sixth Finch, & is forthcoming from Boston Review, RealPoetik, Slice, & The Literary Review. His poetry has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. In April 2012, he co-hosted a podcast episode for Late Night Library. He holds an MFA from the University of Oregon & currently teaches in New York, where work on his poetry manuscript Kin Anthem and his novel The Quick Brown Fox doggedly continues.

Alina Gregorian's poems have been published in Boston Review, GlitterPony, H_NGM_N, and other journals. She co-curates Triptych Readings, and co-edits the collaboration press Bridge.

Lisa Marie Basile is an MFA candidate at The New School. She is the author of Andalucia (Brothel Books). A Decent Voodoo (Cervena Barva) and Triste (Dancing Girl Press) are both forthcoming in 2012. Her work can be seen in PANK, kill author, Moon Milk Review, elimae & Pear Noir! among other publications. She is the founding editor of Brooklyn-based Patasola Press & the Patasola Review, and was a reader for Weave Magazine. She is a managing member of The Poetry Society of New York. She has earned two 1st Place prizes in poetry from Pace University.

Katie Byrum is an MFA candidate at Hunter College. You can find her work in Lumberyard Magazine; Gulf Coast; Forklift, Ohio; and the Argos Books anthology Why I am Not a Painter. Originally from Kentucky, she now sells bourbon in Brooklyn.

New work by Monica Peck can be found in The Pyrrhaiad (chapbook,Trafficker Press, 2012), Herstory Inventory: 100 Feminist Drawings (group show, Brooklyn Art Museum, 2012), and Mrs. Maybe (forthcoming).

Monica McClure's work has appeared in The Adirondack Review, Lambda Literary Review, Indigest, Loaded Bicycle, and elsewhere.

Lee Colin Thomas is the recipient of a 2010 Loft Mentor Series award. His poems have appeared in Flurry, The Q Review, and Poet Lore. He lives in Minneapolis.

Graeme Bezanson is a founding editor of, an online journal of essays and poetry criticism. His poems have recently appeared in Washington Square, Coconut, Horse Less Review and The Agriculture Reader. He lives and works in Manhattan.

Jesse Cataldo

Emily Skillings is a dancer poet. Recent work has appeared in RELEASE, No Dear, Bone Bouquet, Lingerpost, and Stonecutter. Skillings' choreography has been presented throughout New York. She lives in Brooklyn, where she is a member of the Belladonna* Collaborative, a feminist poetry collective, publishing venture and event series. She is the co-curator of the Brooklyn reading series HOT TEXTS with Krystal Languell. In March 2012, she co-organized the festival HOW TO CONTINUE: John Ashbery Across the Arts at The New School.

Lisa Flowers is a poet, essayist, critic, vocalist, ailurophile, cinephile, and the founding editor of Vulgar Marsala Press. Visit her personal website here

Candy Green Gustavson

Michael S. Judge

Peyton Burgess is the fiction editor at New Orleans Review. He scuba dives with a poet. He runs out of air and the poet gets the bends.

Nasir Sakandar’s work and reviews have appeared or is forthcoming in Hayden's Ferry Review, Rain Taxi, and L'Allure Des Mots. He is a current MFA Candidate at the University of Minnesota.

Phillip Lee Duncan was born in Salisbury, Maryland, on November 4, 1967, and passed away in Denver, CO, on January 7, 2012. He was the writer and director of Liebeslieder fur Untermenschen (Love Songs for Scumbags) and several short films. His collection of poetry, The Hospice Orgy, will be published by Vulgar Marsala Press this fall.

Stephanie Berger

Ben Fama is the author of the chapbook Aquarius Rising (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2009) and New Waves (Minutes Books, 2011). He is the co-editor of Wonder, a publisher of art books, glossies, and pamphlets. His work has been featured in jubilat, notnostrums, LIT, Poor Claudia, Denver Quarterly, and on the Best American Poetry Blog.

Renee Emerson

A Swiss native, E.C. Belli’s poetry and translations have appeared in Guernica, Gulf Coast, DIAGRAM, The Antioch Review, Caketrain and in Europe: revue littéraire mensuelle and PO&SIE (France), among others. She is the author of Plein Jeu (Accents Publishing, 2010), was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and is an editor at Argos Books.

Christina Murphy lives and writes in a 100 year-old Arts and Crafts style house along the Ohio River. Her poetry is an exploration of consciousness as subjective experience, and her most recent work appears in The Knotting House Review, StepAway Magazine, and Poetry Quarterly. The poets she most admires are Gertrude Stein, T.S. Eliot, and Jane Hirshfield for their undaunted (and impeccable) sense of the interrelationship of language, imagery, and consciousness.

Kate Durbin is a Los Angeles-based writer, performer, and transmedia artist. She is author of The Ravenous Audience (Akashic Books), E! Entertainment (Blanc Press Diamond Edition, forthcoming), and the conceptual fashion magazine The Fashion Issue (Wonder, forthcoming). She has also written five chapbooks, including, most recently, FASHIONWHORE (Legacy Pictures) and Kept Women (Insert Press, forthcoming). Her projects have been featured in Spex, Huffington Post, The New Yorker, Specs,, AOL, Poets and Writers, TMobile's Your Digital Daily,, VLAK, Lana Turner: A Journal of Poetry and Opinion, Black Warrior Review, and The American Scholar, among others. She is founding editor of Gaga Stigmata, an online arts and criticism journal about Lady Gaga, which will be published as a book from Zg Press in 2012.

Jesse Lee Kercheval was born in France and raised in Florida. She is the author of 12 books of poetry, fiction and memoir including the poetry collections Cinema Muto (SIU Press, 2009), winner of the Crab Orchard Open Selection Award; Dog Angel (U of Pittsburgh Press, 2004); and World as Dictionary (Carnegie Mellon Press, 1999). She is currently at work on a bilingual Spanish/English collection of poetry Extranjera/ Stranger and is also editing América invertida: an anthology of younger Uruguayan poets.

Kiely Sweatt just returned to NYC from Barcelona, where she started up Prostibulo Poetico and co directed Tri Lengua, a multi lingual reading series, which will soon start up in NYC.  She is founding editor of Libro Rojo, and co-editor of The Translation book, Volume 1. Her work has appeared online and in-print through such publications as The Why and the Later by Carly Sachs, Best American Poetry blog, Shampoo, Sawbuck Review, Leveler and PaxAmericana among others.  Her first full length collection, ´Origin of´ is coming out with Patasola Press and she is finishing up work on a chapbook in translation for Knitting Guns Press.

Cesca Janece Waterfield is a writer and professional journalist who teaches the writing of memoir and poetry. As a songwriter and vocalist, she is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). Her poems have appeared in numerous literary journals. Her first collection, Bartab: An Afterhours Ballad  (ISBN 978-0-9820020-0-1), was published by Two-Handed Engine Press.