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Pipe Dreams

When I was little I wanted to go go

now, I am a go go dancer.

When I am home

I take my lashes off and stick them on my fingers

batting them at the dog

I never wanted.

The dog I sometimes spray with Aqua Net

when he’s in the other room. 

When he says he’s leaving for the week

I talk to my feet he talks with his hands

I smile and grind my teeth even harder

He should come watch me!

Watch every knot

in my spine curve to the strobe light ceiling

to an angry song

I merely sway to.

I come home and rub

my body along the kitchen counter and

I look like a clown. 

I take my blue wig off and put it on the dog

I never wanted. I clunk around in high

heels till neighbors send me appeals tied to pigeons

the dog attacks.

I sit down sending smoke signals

By the time you get them

are small blood vessels

popping on the tip of your nose.

Foster Parent:  Dan

Your family is where they are

because they didn’t welcome

Jesus Christ when he came knocking.

Without Him you’re rotting. Like

the inside of a broken refrigerator?

Yes, your family is a broken fridge

that’s why your house had very

weird vibes—like dark vibes.

Due to all those demons.

This is why your brother is wild.

Your brother is medicated. And remember

science isn’t the one who loves him,

I know all about the Devil. All about

temptation. I too had a run in with Satan

in the‘70s. See my tattoo. The flaming alien head?

Next to the dream catcher? I got those

in a biker gang TIME voted most dangerous

right under Hell’s Angels and  before The Outlaws.

Sometimes If I am around florescent lights

I get flashbacks from when I was a loser.

I did crank and freebased with my buds.

Once I woke up in a tipi—

it wasn’t on a reservation.

Come on, get closer, hold my hand.

Things changed when I went to get my hair buzzed

and met Lisa. Cleaned up. Got baptized

in her folks’ backyard.

Now, God is good to us and

we love you, every ounce.

When we first saw you

Lisa and I were, like, enamored

despite your attitude

which I feel is the only thing Hispanic

about you.

I don’t understand why your family had

crucifixes on the wall.

Because in this house we think of Him as risen. 

Not just hanging there bleeding.

What a gross out, right?

Lisa makes killer grouper and will show you

how to put on makeup. Lisa is devoted to pedicures—

red, pink, or hot pink?

She would love to bring you.

You can tag along in the Miata,

listen to some Buffett?

Now that you’re here

you’ll be able to do your work?

Get good grades? Lose the attitude?

I know you pray when you get scared

and that means something. It will just be me,

you, Lisa, Buffett, the Miata, and Jesus Christ Amen.


My mother strolled up to us and to be matter a fact

told my brother and I my father had gone into the woods to

die of cancer. This startled my brother who at the time was only half human.

He would do this thing where he faded in and out of the house.

My mother watched him begin to fade and chirped 

“It’s true.” She told me she smelled the cancer on my father’s sweater.

I smelled my shirt and couldn’t smell a damn thing.

My brother, he started crying.

I decided to get all the forks left in the sink and fuse them together to reach

into my father and pull all the cancer out.

My father came home.

I screamed with my hands

I’m sorry I gave you cancer!

My father said he was just picking up cereal.

I turned to my mother

I watched her sip her coffee.